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Have you ever tried fishing without bait?

Yeah, it doesn't work out so well. (The fish aren't convinced, and now your feet are probably wet.)

The same goes for content without a solid hook (minus the wet feet).

A lot of content out there doesn't have strong hooks. And you know what happens? A lot of people aren't convinced they should bother reading anything other than the first sentence.

So how do you prevent readers from bouncing at the get-go? You toss a sweet hook at them and reel them in.

A hook is the initial sentence (or a word) that grabs the attention of readers and entices them to keep reading. It's the first necessary step after an attention-grabbing title.

Yet, so many people seem to neglect the essential hook. Instead, they start off their articles with bland statements. Yawn.

I get it. It's not easy to know where to begin an article. You probably want to just get into the meat of your message. The problem is, your readers won't even get to that point if that bounce after the first boring sentence.

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image of Sara McGuire

Sara McGuire is a content editor at Venngage, a Web-based graphic design software.

Twitter: @sara_mcguire

LinkedIn: Sara McGuire