Companies come in different sizes and budgets; but, in the end, they're all basically pursuing similar marketing goals: to explain their product or service (for people to understand what they're selling), to build brand trust (for people to trust what they're selling), and, of course, to close more sales (for people to actually take money out of their pockets).

And among the all types of marketing content on the Web, video is probably the most effective to use to achieve those goals: Nearly 52% of marketers worldwide choose video as the content with the best ROI (return on investment).

People love video: On average, video content is shared on social media 12 times more than regular images; and, what's even more interesting, 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a marketing video. Moreover, marketing videos tend to boost conversion rates between 15% and 75%!

At the same time, videos improve your website's Google rankings, and they guarantee your brand a place on YouTube, the No. 1 video-hosting website, which also lets you track your viewers' behavior for free.

The thing is, not all videos are created equal: There are various types of video content, and you should choose wisely which will help you achieve your specific marketing objectives.

Let's sum up the most popular among those objectives, and learn what type of video will help you achieve each.

'I need to build brand awareness and increase online visibility'

Whenever you need to spread your brand's name all over the Web, educational videos are a great option. These types of videos don't flagrantly sell a product or service; they offer knowledge instead, teaching your audience something new.

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Juan Jose Mendez is content manager at BitPagos, a provider of electronic payment solutions.

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