Many businesses still rely heavily on daily blast emails in their marketing campaigns—and that is a big mistake. I see it every day with clients, most of whom are reluctant to shift away from daily blast email campaigns toward a more personalized, targeted approach.

In my experience, that's because most companies believe their email marketing revenue is entirely dependent on their daily blast emails. They're used to spraying and praying, and they worry that reducing email frequency and targeting smaller audiences will undermine sales.

Our research and experience, however, show the opposite to be true: Segmentation and personalization have a dramatic positive effect on revenue.

Why You Need to Leave the Daily Blast Behind

When you target a specific segment of customers with smaller campaigns, the cumulative revenue is much greater than that of a "spray and pray" blast email campaign. And the more you cater to increasingly refined segments, the average uplift you gain from your total customer base grows—as does the average uplift from each individual customer.

Perhaps more important is that daily email blasts are notorious for chasing away customers. No matter how beloved your brand might be, no one wants to be on the receiving end of continual, impersonal communications. Customers will soon start ignoring your campaigns or opt out completely.

If your customers are accustomed to receiving daily emails, they are also less attentive to your offers: If every day brings a new one, there is no sense of urgency to act. Because there is no fear of missing out, your customers will wait for a better offer.

What You Need to Do 

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Pini Yakuel is the CEO and co-founder of Optimove, a data-driven retention automation software that empowers marketers in online businesses to plan, execute, and measure highly personalized campaigns.

LinkedIn: Pini Yakuel

Twitter: @pini_yakuel