Once considered the final piece of the automated marketing puzzle, public relations technology (PRtech)—like marketing technology (martech) several years ago—has now become an area of interest and focus for investors, innovators, and marketers alike.

That's largely because marketers, who have learned the value of technology in their organization, now see the value of PR as a measurable vehicle for generating quality leads and driving real brand awareness and business outcomes.

With nearly 5,000 solutions in the B2B marketing technology and PR technology landscape, however, it can be daunting to decide which technology your company should use.

To avoid being overwhelmed, keep in mind the following four important areas of consideration, along with related questions; they will help your marketing team identify the best solutions for your organization.

1. Prioritize the outcomes desired within various marketing functions

Viewing an organizational chart in line with the business outcomes associated with each marketing function can help you prioritize your focus. By isolating the most business-critical outcomes each function is responsible for—from communications to demand generation—you'll be able to better determine the best martech or PRtech solution for your needs.

Questions: On what aspect of the business are you looking to have a positive affect? What do you need to measure, automate, or launch to accomplish that goal?

If, for example, influencer sentiment or share of voice is your priority given this year's growth goals, then you'll know to home in on platforms that help you analyze and monitor influencer relations.

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image of Rebekah Iliff

Rebekah Iliff is the chief strategy officer of PR measurement solution provider AirPR. She is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and PRWeek's The Hub.

LinkedIn: Rebekah Iliff

Twitter: @rebekahiliff