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Google's new Analytics Premium offering
includes deployment help and ongoing support
that enterprises need. Its flat fee will attract interest,
but its limitations will keep it from changing the
market's competitive dynamics.
—Bill Gassman, Gartner

If you are a marketer, whether at a marketing agency, a brand, or a company, or you're a marketing consultant, you no doubt are always looking for ways to get your clients or company a leg up on the competition. You have Google Analytics experts, dashboards, reports on demand, and more. GA has helped get you to where you are now.

You've learned from the ground up how to harness the power of the data that GA provides, but over the past year or so, you've started taking notice of what's happening around you in analytics. You see a whole new playing field taking shape. And you want to be on that field!

Real-time analytics aren't optional.
Organizations that can't deliver faster
insights on streaming data will be left behind.
—Forrester Research

In short, you want answers to the deeper business questions that GA doesn't provide. To gain a comprehensive understanding of a brand's users, personas, and target audience, you need to become an adopter of the next generation of real-time, time-series analytics: behavioral analytics.

A Way to Stand Out

With behavioral analytics, you can track the entire user journey via a timeline of events. You see every action on every event you set up to track, whether 1,000 events or a million. These can be mouse hovers, email opens/clicks, CRM activity, and even offline sales. You see not only the actions but also the events between the actions. The moments. This is where you really get an all-encompassing picture of the user journey.

Perhaps, then, it's time to start setting your agency/consultancy/brand apart: Time to show higher ROI in real-time and gain competitive advantage.

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image of Alex Gutman

Alex Gutman is a marketer and evangelist at Cooladata, a full stack behavioral analytics company. Its solution empowers marketers to see the complete user journey.

LinkedIn: Alex Gutman