Halloween is in the rear-view mirror, and Thanksgiving is just ahead. It's official: The holiday season, for brands both online and off, is off and running. It's a high-risk, high-reward period, and standing out from the competition may be the difference between financial success and failure for the year.

For many organizations, that means getting a lot of messages out to a lot of recipients—fast and often. However, doing so—especially over email, risks overwhelming and annoying potential customers.

Getting holiday season email delivered and opened without irking your recipients is a challenge; fortunately, we've compiled eight tips, tricks, and learnings from 2016's holiday season that should help you refine your emails to bring your organization more cheer.

Let's take a look.

1. Look to the prior year

Year to year, holiday marketing campaigns should be distinct, but each campaign should take into account what has worked before. Look at previous holiday campaigns to identify what email copy worked and what didn't. Look into where customers are coming from when they clicked a link and what time of day they did so. Those are elements that can help inform a winning holiday email strategy.

2. Don't flood consumers with your emails

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements each holiday season. Yours will be among them. Avoid annoying your recipients and maintain a good reputation by moderating your email cadence during the holiday season. How? Easy: Ask your recipients—before and during the holidays—whether they'd prefer to opt in or out of holiday-related emails and how often they'd like to receive them.

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Scott Heimes is CMO at email-delivery service SendGrid, where he is responsible for SendGrid’s brand strategy, driving demand for its solutions, and leading global marketing operations.

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