Most people listen to their favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts while driving. It's safe to say that audio content is not only a big part of our lives, but a naturally occurring one. Since time immemorial, people have relied on the spoken word for communication and learning.

In recent decades, we have also witnessed a great change in communication via the medium of electronic devices. Influential IT and tech companies are competing to create AI-based personal assistants that understand and comply with our audio commands accurately.

One study found that 65% of users said they regularly ask general questions to their AI personal assistants. Moreover, 40% use them to get directions while driving; 25% make calls; 23% dictate texts or emails; 17% receive updates; and 9% perform other tasks, such as setting appointment reminders.

Can these new audio trends be used for marketing purposes?

Why Audio Marketing

You use marketing to popularize your business, increase sales, raise brand awareness... Consider adding something different to your campaigns, something that has been overlooked until recently: audio content marketing campaigns.

Granted, visual messages have impact, but audio marketing is no different. Marketers need to adapt to people's behaviors in order to reach those people. Moreover, relying solely on text and writing perfect articles for content marketing is no easy feat. Thus, alternative content marketing strategies should be considered.

The Importance of Audio

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Robert Katai is a visual marketer and content strategist at online banner maker Bannersnack.

Twitter: @katairobi