When most people think about Millennials, they imagine a tech-savvy and knowledgeable demographic that is increasingly influential—which is why so many marketers believe that online channels offer the most effective way to convert Millennial leads and generate a desired ROI.

The Millennial generation in the UK has swelled to more than 13.8 million members (the youngest of which will have recently turned 17). With such a large group to target, marketers need cost-effective marketing techniques with optimal reach, and digital channels seem to fit this brief to a tee.

Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the digital approach, it does prevent some marketers from using other channels and creating fully integrated campaigns.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is particularly effective at engaging Millennials, for example, especially when brands take the time to fully understand this medium and get their execution just right.

The Argument for OOH Advertising in the Digital Age

Some of what I'm saying may sound counterintuitive in the Digital Age, but it is important to understand the behavior of Millennials and the way they interact with the world around them.

First, Millennials are increasingly cynical in their treatment of online ads; approximately 63% of them are thought to use ad-blockers on at least one of their devices. That cynicism is largely the result of the saturation of the online space with conflicting and overly promotional ads, which have made it extremely difficult for messaging to shine through.

Another reason Millennials are keen to avoid the type of sales-led and intrusive ads online is that they like to curate their own content. More specifically, they want autonomy to choose the brands they engage with, and it can be extremely difficult to identify the most earnest and trustworthy businesses in an increasingly crowded online space.

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Paul Inman is sales and marketing director for Airoutdoor, a UK-based billboard advertising company.

LinkedIn: Paul Inman