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It's been described as "the stupidest thing any country has done," "a declaration of economic war upon ourselves," and "a monumental act of self-harm."

It's a decision that could derail the economy, cost the UK £100s of billions in lost revenue, and put an unprecedented number of businesses and livelihoods at risk.

Yet, on the June 23, 2016, the majority of British voters (albeit a slim one) decided to leave the EU and close the door on nearly 50 years of close collaboration and free trade.

It's still early to say what impact the decision will have in real terms. Today's economic and social phenomena are typically the result of actions taken years in the past, so it's unlikely we'll feel the true aftereffects (positive or negative) of the Brexit vote for quite some time still.

As a 40-something Brit, born a year after the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC), I've never known a world outside the EU. I've enjoyed the freedoms it's granted me, and I must admit to being concerned about the repercussions of our decision as well as some of the darker undertones of the populist agenda that underpinned it.

But this is neither the time nor the place for political debate. It is, however, the perfect platform for exploring the secrets to compelling campaigns—and, as is the case of Brexit, what it takes to successfully convince people to take the action you want them to take.

As a PR man and content creator who's in the business of persuading people to take action, I find myself pondering the Leave Campaign and asking one simple question: How did they do it?

How did campaigners manage, beyond the expectations of even their biggest proponents, to convince the British voting public to pull the trigger on Brexit?

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Alex Moscow is the owner of 9mm Public Relations, a boutique communications consultancy that helps B2B businesses build profile, pipeline, and profits.

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