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Now that we're halfway into the year, marketers should not only have their annual goals set but also well on their way to accomplishing them. And if those goals were set thoughtfully, they align with the brand's initiatives and with industry trends.

But how can you be sure your efforts are worth the time and resources you've invested? Goals are a key component of your team's success, but only if you are properly measuring their effectiveness.

Developing a holistic approach to measurement is crucial for marketers, so check out these four ways to make sure you're measuring your program holistically.

1. Prioritize your programs

Forrester senior analyst Allison Snow recently discussed how marketers are flying blind when prioritizing programs and building budgets. Challenge yourself in your goal-setting, but remember that it's critical to keep up with measuring those objectives. Don't stretch your team too thin: Lofty and unattainable goals aren't going to result in increasing the bottom line.

Be realistic. Offering new services to keep up with your competitors is important, but not at the expense of the programs you're already running. Know what your team excels in and recognize your limits. Map out your budget, stick to the game plan, and remain focused on measuring what's working along the way.

2. Develop or improve the measurement of your strategies

Every marketer is at a different stage in measuring their programs—and that's understandable. Some haven't started, and others are struggling to replace outdated techniques. Wherever you might be, 2018 will demand that you dedicate more time, money, and resources to measurement. Start by finalizing your martech stack.

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Mark C. Nardone is executive vice-president at PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands. He oversees the firm's strategic focus across brand marketing and business development efforts.

LinkedIn: Mark Nardone

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