As a marketer, you've likely asked yourself or your team how you can best deliver value to your customers. Adopting an Agile marketing strategy might well be the best answer to that question.

Today's digital landscape requires marketers to adapt to constant changes and trends so they can offer the best customer experience, provide value, and ensure effective marketing campaigns. It's no longer enough to just sift through your B2B database and market the heck out of your existing contacts.

And that's where Agile marketing comes in.

What is Agile marketing?

Agile marketing was founded on the principles of the Agile software development methodology. At its simplest, Agile marketing focuses on organizational effectiveness to deliver value to the end customer.

In Agile marketing, the following are core values:

  • Ability to respond to changes rather than strictly abiding by plans
  • Emphasis on data-driven decisions instead of opinion- and convention-based decisions
  • Rapid reactions rather than big-bang campaigns
  • Smaller studies instead of a few large experiments
  • Collaboration over hierarchy

Those core values drive growth and development, and provide the best value and experience to customers. Ultimately, Agile marketing improves the efficiency, predictability, transparency, and responsiveness to change of the marketing arm of an organization.

Take these five steps to implement Agile marketing

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Johanna Rivard is EVP and drives the product and data strategies at PureB2B.

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