Before you add video to your marketing arsenal, you need a strategy that goes beyond simply creating and uploading videos. Your video strategy should address why you're making them, for whom you're making them, and how they will help you reach your goals.

Your strategy will evolve over time, so it's not crucial to get it perfect at the onset. What you do need is enough of a framework to get started in the right direction.

Here are five steps to help ensure your video marketing strategy is purposeful.

1. State your mission

Create a one-line mission statement that conveys...

  • The type and tone of video content you will be creating
  • Whom you will be making the videos for
  • What value your target audience should get from the videos

Here is a possible mission statement template:

[Company name] makes [adjective] video content for [target audience] to help them [what you want your videos to accomplish for your audience].

And here is the template filled in with details for a company that sells instant drug-testing kits to small and midsize businesses:

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Jack Anzarouth is founder and president of Digital Ink Marketing, a full-service boutique digital marketing agency in New York.

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