Online video has undergone tremendous growth in recent years. But it's not just YouTube that's become highly popular. Facebook, too, has continued to drive video growth on-platform.

Video has become a powerful medium both for individual users and for brands on Facebook, where at least 100 million hours of video are watched every day. Moreover, video content performs better than other content on Facebook, according to Facebook's data; and, in tests of creative, respondents say video feels more personal to them.

As video continues to grow as a storytelling medium, we marketers need to maximize efforts on the platform to get the most out of our video content.

Here are eight tips that together constitute a set of general guidelines for creating and using videos effectively on Facebook.

1. Tailor to your audience

As is the case with all marketing content, video needs to be relevant to the intended audience's interests to be successful. Relevance will always be the No. 1 rule for any piece of content, and video is no exception.

Use audience research and insights to generate content ideas and create stories that will resonate.

To take it to the next level, consider creating different videos (or slightly different versions of the same video) for different target audiences, particularly when you are running paid Facebook campaigns.

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image of Jessica Neville

Jessica Neville is a senior strategist at Dagger, a strategic content agency. She leads content and channel strategies across digital platforms for clients, including work for brands such as Wells Fargo, Nike, UPS, and Cisco Systems.

LinkedIn: Jessica Neville