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Only 8% of companies say their marketing and sales teams are aligned, according to Forrester Research. The source of the fracture in the relationship?

The ubiquitous, but flawed, Marketing-qualified lead (MQL).

But answering three simple questions will get your teams aligned:

  1. What makes a Sales-ready lead?
  2. What questions does Sales want answered?
  3. Which answers uncover buyer intent?

Of course, it's not that simple. Read (then download) SnapApp's whitepaper to understand what must be done:

To bridge this common gap between Marketing and Sales, marketers need to find and foster alignment with Sales in a way that creates efficiency for both departments and drives revenue. They must engage with the Sales team to fully understand how leads should be qualified.

It starts with answering those three simple questions that lead to generating better MQLs for sales.

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SnapApp helps marketers get the leads that Sales wants by using question-based interaction to uncover intent. SnapApp helps marketers learn what Sales wants in a lead, execute interactive programs to capture prospect insights, enable Sales to act on these insights, and measure the outcomes.