When planning a new digital marketing campaign, you have to consider various steps to ensure that it's successful and efficient, and that you use your budget optimally. You don't want to waste money or time.

In this article I've outlined five important steps you need to take before launching your next digital marketing campaign.

1. The Goal of the Campaign

First of all, you have to think about the scope and purpose of the campaign: What is your aim? Which are the goals you want to achieve? What are your KPIs (key performance indicators)?

Is your campaign's main goal brand awareness? Is it conversions? Maybe a combination?

Defining the purpose of the campaign will help you in selecting the best acquisition channels for driving traffic to landing pages, forms, or videos to watch. It will also determine budgeting, in that it will determine performance-marketing pricing model: from CPM (cost per mille) to CPC (cost per click) or CPE (cost per engagement), CPI (cost per install), or even CPA (cost per action/acquisition) and CPL (cost per lead).

If we want to create a campaign for brand awareness, the CPM model is likely the best to use. If instead we want to drive traffic to a landing page, we would use the CPC model, and if we are creating an acquisition campaign for app download or some affiliate marketing activities, we might use the CPA or CPI model. (More about ad pricing models later).

2. Optimization

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image of Alessandro Bogliari

Alessandro Bogliari is a co-founder and the CEO of MEDIACOM USA, a digital marketing agency specialized in social media and influencer marketing, with offices in Milan, Copenhagen, and Miami.

LinkedIn: Alessandro Bogliari

Instagram: @alexeidos