Buyers are becoming fussier. If you don't provide a delightful and error-free experience with your brand or website, you're likely losing out on conversions, leads, and clients.

One of the most critical elements of your landing pages and conversion paths is your form, which acts as the gateway between a user and you—either keeping the visitor a stranger to your company or helping turn that visitor into a lead for your company.

A form that feels like a chore to fill can kill the experience your landing page provides and, as a result, kill conversions.

Here, I'll share five conversion rate optimization (CRO) principles you may not have considered to increase lead volume and surpass your lead-generation targets.

1. Obsess over Google Analytics conversion paths

Google Analytics tells you everything you need to know about how users interact with your website. It's a goldmine for finding data that could help you improve your user's experience when they visit.

Start by looking at your conversion paths and asking these questions:

  • Which landing pages are the most popular?
  • Which pages are most likely to result in a purchase?
  • Which pages cause most people to drop off?

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image of Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor is founder and CEO of Venture Harbour and an award-winning entrepreneur. He built the world's first scientifically valid "comfort zone calculator," which he has spoken about at TEDx.

LinkedIn: Marcus Taylor

Twitter: @MarcusATaylor