It is a simple reality of the business world: Every new business wants to stand out to attract more attention—and connect with and appeal to an audience of potential customers.

One way to do that is with a memorable business name.

Because one of the first things a potential customer learns about your business is its name, it's vital that the name make an impact.

And when someone comes up with an intriguing or interesting naming technique, others follow suit, creating a name trend.

Here are six name trends popular among startups and new businesses this year.

1. 'This and That' Names

This and That names are just what it sounds like: brand names composed of two words, usually nouns, to form a striking mental image.

You may have heard of Cloth and Stone, Oak + Fort, or Cat and Cloud. Those names are often considered hipster names.

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image of Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the director of marketing at Inc. 500 company, a naming platform with nearly 20,000 customers, from small startups to large international corporations.

LinkedIn: Grant Polachek

Twitter: @grantpolachek