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Steve Jobs wore the same uniform every day.

In fact, he owned 100 identical black mock turtlenecks. The uniform simplified his life and gave him one less thing to think about each morning.

Meanwhile, most of us stand in front of an overflowing closet and wonder what to wear. We may try on a shirt that doesn't fit and then put on a different top—only to find a stain that we didn't notice the last time we wore it. Soon, we have a pile of clothes on the floor and nothing to wear.

Steve Jobs knew that too many choices lead to decision paralysis.

Less Is More (When You're Selling)

You've likely heard of the famous jam study conducted by Columbia University.

Professor Sheena Iyengar and her students set up a tasting table a gourmet market. Throughout the day, they alternated between offering 6 and 24 types of jam. Customers who visited their table tasted an average of two flavors—regardless of the variety available. Iyengar's team also gave every taster a coupon for $1 off a full-sized jar.

Who bought the jam?

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