Today's consumers assume you know them and understand them—and that you can personalize their interactions online, offline, across devices, and so on. More and more of their experiences are being tailored to their interests; as a result, they expect every brand, big or small, to follow suit.

Consumers are also less patient with those who still mass-market and send irrelevant communications, and they've become more loyal to the ones who get it right: 72% now say they engage only with brands that personalize messaging.

But is it possible to actually please every single customer? And where do you even start?

Every CMO needs to consider the following three key priorities to offer the best customer experiences in the most effective ways possible.

1. Improvement

Although no brand can ensure an absolutely perfect experience for every customer, many brands have areas that obviously need improvement. Figure out where those top improvements need to be made within the business (strategies, results, team, tools, vendors). Those are a great place to start; then, from there, go on to improve other areas.

Take a long, honest look at your customers' experiences. You can and should know all of those experiences intimately. The content and messages you have across your site, the emails you send to customers and the timing of those emails, the way your customers interact in-store... you have a mental list of areas you know aren't great and could be improved, but they just don't seem to make your daily and weekly priority list. Change that.

Even the basics of welcome series emails, cart and browse abandonment campaigns, and sales and promotional strategies can be drastically improved. I've worked with brands that thought they were doing just fine because revenue was in line with expectations, but they altered a few tactics (timing of sends, types of messaging and content, and even subject lines), and they achieve significant improvement.

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Michael Osborne is president and CEO of SmarterHQ, provider of a behavioral marketing platform.

LinkedIn: Michael Osborne

Twitter: @OsborneOsborne