In recent years, the B2B sales landscape has changed significantly, becoming more complex and therefore more challenging.

Modern buyers have high expectations. Because of websites like Amazon, we've all come to expect information to be readily available at our fingertips. Even B2B buyers are acting more like consumers and demanding frictionless, convenient buying experiences.

For simple sales, e-commerce has emerged as the preferred way to do business, but buyers in complex selling scenarios still need a salesperson who adds value beyond the information buyers can find online. And they're not willing to wait around.

In short, the expectations for today's B2B sellers are high—but most aren't delivering.

In fact, Forrester found that 80% of buyers feel their meetings with salespeople aren't valuable, and that 75% think sales reps aren't knowledgeable about a buyer's specific business. What's more, according to a Harvard Business Review article, irrelevant, non-valuable information or content is what slows down opportunities in the early stages.

Clearly, today's B2B buyers want better buying experiences. But delivering them is easier said than done.

Here are five key things to consider as you enable your marketing and sales teams to exceed buyer expectations.

1. Deliver valuable content to drive sales

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Theresa O'Neil is the chief marketing officer at Showpad, a sales enablement platform that combines sales content, readiness, and engagement.

LinkedIn: Theresa O'Neil