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As digital brand communities dramatically grow in popularity, it makes sense to explore some high-profile examples.

The customer-experience industry is undergoing a shift to mobile and niche platforms, away from conventional social media. But, regardless of the platform you use, a good experience for community members always comes first—and it starts with the landing page.

The community landing page is one of the most important building blocks of an engaged, growing community. It's what draws people in.

Here, we'll look at some of the best communities out there and their landing pages, and discuss how you can draw inspiration from them.

A Formula for Success

Right away, a successful community landing page conveys a clear value or benefit to visitors: What the community do will for them, and why they should join and participate.

As for being user-friendly, a good portal should be easy to navigate and understand. Ask yourself: Are the call to action and the signup process straightforward? How quickly can users start contributing—or benefitting—after they've joined the community?

To garner engagement, the community needs to provide meaningful content and insights, but it should also provide a little... fun. Something different... which can be achieved via various approaches and media: video, photo, audio, even activities or events.

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image of Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams is director of strategic solutions at CXapp, provider of customer experience SAAS solutions for events, meetings, communities, and campuses.

LinkedIn: Andrea (Susman) Williams