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For successful growth marketing, PR, and promotions, today's marketers need digital tools, including browser extensions and add-ons, to bring their marketing communications strategy to life.

And that applies to efforts ranging from crowdfunding via platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to using memes, social media, search engine and content marketing, and more to accelerate company growth.

In this article, I'll share 10 extensions and tools—some well known, some less so—many of which we use at my company.

Here we go!

1. RiteTag

Hashtags are essential for increasing visibility and reach on Instagram and Twitter, but you need to pick the most relevant ones for your followers. RiteTag will help you find the right hashtags with an image or text. You need to...

  • Right-click on an image you want to post, and select "Get hashtag suggestions for image" or upload your image for hashtag suggestions.

  • Select a text and right click and pick "Get hashtag suggestions for a text," or simply type your text on the bar and get hashtag suggestions.

Colors will indicate the strength of the suggested hashtags. You can also automatically copy the best ones or add them to your post or delete "banned" ones.

2. Anyimage.io

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Narek Vardanyan is a co-founder and the CEO of The Crowdfunding Formula, an international crowdfunding agency. He is the author of the popular 57 Secrets of Crowdfunding book, and a conference speaker on digital marketing and growth hacking.

LinkedIn: Narek Vardanyan