For successful growth marketing, PR, and promotions, today's marketers need digital tools, including browser extensions and add-ons, to bring their marketing communications strategy to life.

And that applies to efforts ranging from crowdfunding via platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to using memes, social media, search engine and content marketing, and more to accelerate company growth.

In this article, I'll share 10 extensions and tools—some well known, some less so—many of which we use at my company.

Here we go!

1. RiteTag

Hashtags are essential for increasing visibility and reach on Instagram and Twitter, but you need to pick the most relevant ones for your followers. RiteTag will help you find the right hashtags with an image or text. You need to...

  • Right-click on an image you want to post, and select "Get hashtag suggestions for image" or upload your image for hashtag suggestions.

  • Select a text and right click and pick "Get hashtag suggestions for a text," or simply type your text on the bar and get hashtag suggestions.

Colors will indicate the strength of the suggested hashtags. You can also automatically copy the best ones or add them to your post or delete "banned" ones.


Not all social media post types can be clickable if you're not using Anyimage. Here's how it can help you to drive more potential backers to your crowdfunding page.

  • Upload the image you want to share.

  • Enter a title.

  • Type a description for the link.

  • Enter the destination URL.

  • Select the image size.

  • Copy the custom link.

  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Now all your posts can direct visitors to your destination site.

3. Facebook Group Alerts (zipped file download)

Facebook Group Alerts is an extension (for developers) that alerts you every time your keyword or brand name gets mentioned in your specified groups. Facebook users love discussing, sharing, and expressing ideas or product reviews. Your brand may well be getting mentions in relevant groups; you'd better keep track of what people are saying about it.

  • You can get alerts on both negative and positive keywords.
  • You can also adjust settings and choose where to get notified.

4. BuzzSumo

Your PR must include content research, which is where BuzzSumo comes in. It helps to find the best-performing articles and discussions by topic, keyword, or even competitor.

It will help you...

  • Select the publications from your industry
  • Identify the journalists who write about your industry or topic
  • Collect the websites your competitors have mentions on
  • Find influencers who can review or promote your product
  • End up with successful media coverage.

5. Spyfu

Keyword research is essential, and numerous tools are available to conduct it. Spyfu is a unique one among them, as it specifically analyzes competitors' paid and organic keywords.

You simply copy and paste your competitor's website URL, and Spyfu analyzes the keyword rankings. You can...

  • Download competitor's PPC keywords and analytics.
  • Monitor PPC competitors.
  • Analyze competitor's AdWords bidding history and get the most profitable ones.
  • Download competitors' AdWords campaign history.
  • And do much more.

6. PressRush

PressRush is the ultimate tool for researching and reaching journalists. All you need to do is...

  • Search your keyword or topic.
  • Go over the suggestion list.
  • Create a media list per each search, topic, keyword—or group them as you wish.
  • Pitch via the platform or outside of it to the contacts PressRush suggests.

If you know the name of the journalist but don't have contact info, PressRush can search by name, too. You'll get the publications they work at, their top articles, contact information, social media platforms, and other details.

7. Serpstat

Serpstat is the ultimate growth hacking tool for your content marketing. Besides keywords, it provides related words to use in your writing so you can optimize your content on an another level.

It also provides backlink analysis and site audit, but most of its value comes from the keyword research features.

8. Toby

Has you ever had so many tabs open on your browser that you lose track of where the music is coming from? What if you organize them with topics or other categories. Toby does that. You can create collections and add your open tabs there simply with drag-and-drop. It has a simple design and interface.

What's more, you can share your collections without sending the links themselves. Just get a sharable link and send to whoever uses the extension.

9. Liner

With Liner, you can highlight and leave comments on any website or pdf. The good thing is that your highlights will be saved on the website waiting for you whenever you come back.

10. LastPass

Do you love forgetting passwords and signing up to various platforms again and again with new email addresses? If yes, skip this one.

For the rest of you, LastPass will remember the passwords for you; you can simply log in from every computer and mobile device.

With this extension you can...

  • Store login usernames and passwords.
  • Check out fast by adding credit cards and shopping profiles.
  • Attach docs, PDFs, images, audio, and more.
  • Save any piece of data that you need to keep secure and easy-to-find.
  • Manage everything from a simple, searchable vault.
  • Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your passwords.

* * *

As Abraham Lincoln put it, "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the ax." Go on: Equip yourself and your team with the digital equivalent of sharp axes for getting the job done right.

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10 Ultimate Browser Extensions and Digital Tools for Growth Marketing

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Narek Vardanyan is a co-founder and the CEO of The Crowdfunding Formula, an international crowdfunding agency. He is the author of the popular 57 Secrets of Crowdfunding book, and a conference speaker on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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