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Creating content that engages readers isn't easy, especially these days, when marketers are churning out content at a hectic pace to attract readers and viewers. But in our haste to create fresh, useful content, we can make mistakes. But our audiences don't want to waste time on substandard writing.

This article highlights nine common mistakes that writers and content creators make, and suggests ways to avoid them.

1. Irrelevant or Poor-Quality Stock Photos

This first mistake doesn't directly concern writing, but it's vital for your readers' overall content experience. Finding good stock photos was a big issue for me when I started writing. I would put all my energy into writing; then, in the end, when the time for adding photos would come, I'd do that as quickly as possible, not being selective at all.

I know selecting photos can be annoying and time-consuming, but put some effort into it; try to place photos that reinforce the message you are trying to get across in your writing. It's also a good idea to add images one by one, as you write, while your ideas are fresh.

Alternatively, don't use photos: None is better than irrelevant.

2. Bad Grammar (And typos, Too)

Yes, you make grammar mistakes. You need to edit and proofread every piece of content you write. No matter how much experience you may have, you need to check your articles after finishing them, or you'll quickly earn a bad reputation.

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Anja Skrba is a content creation manager for FirstSiteGuide, an educational website that provides tutorials and guides for creating, growing, and maintaining your online presence.

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