Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. And when waging that battle, creativity is good, but the technology behind it is crucial. Programmatic media buying combines creativity and powerful technology to deliver a personalized experience across multiple screens.

One of the main benefits of programmatic technology is that it shows real-time data, which helps companies optimize their creative and rapidly adjust their marketing strategy to customer needs. And the demand for greater transparency is making digital marketers seriously consider doing their programmatic media buying in-house.

A recent IAB study found that of the 65% of marketers who purchase ads programmatically, 18% have moved it in-house and 47% are planning to bring various functions in-house.

There are giant companies that have already integrated the programmatic approach into their daily operations. But how can you both create a programmatic-centered organization that's flexible enough to keep up with the drastically changing industry and stay customer-focused?

A Need for Change: Who Benefits From Programmatic?

Brands are starting to prioritize their requirements and are not relying simply on supply chain dominance. Instead, they are willing to create an effective cross-channel relationship with customers.

CMOs are now responsible not only for marketing budgets but also for fulfilling the company's business objectives. Data has become their key competitive advantage—specifically, how they harness data, read it, and craft it to meet the customers' needs and expectations. A better and more personalized customer experience achieves better outcomes and more brand loyalty.

Ad agencies are developing and acquiring digital, creative, and design expertise. Meanwhile, traditional agency holding companies are developing their consulting, data, and technology competencies.

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Lina Lugova is a digital marketing expert at white label programmatic advertising DSP Epom, where she has created, developed, and managed growth strategies for top brands and solution providers.

LinkedIn: Lina Lugova