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Customer acquisition is hard work. Generating sales can often require multiple touch points—some online, some offline. Some in-person, some via marketing and advertising.

Sales is not an easy business problem to conquer these days, but there are some ways to optimize your B2B sales pitch—and do it in a way that saves time and cuts out waste.

Ditch the Salesy Pitch, Focus on Conversations

Traditional sales pitches are unappealing, often cheesy. Why are we still trying to kick around the same old behavior patterns in an ecosystem that has changed so much in the last 20 years?

Traditional pitches typically drive two basic outcomes:

  1. Potential customers will love what you have to offer, and you get a sale.
  2. They hate it, and you'll get a polite decline.

Selling successfully must be about building relationships with potential customers, and then proving that your organization is the direct solution to the problems they're having. Which means that successful sales pitches aren't monologues; they're dialogues.

The buyer's needs are your priority. Each potential customer you speak with is unique in B2B sales, but when you pitch your product or service you need to be able to clearly communicate how it benefits each individual buyer.

This isn't just basic info that's thrown into your CRM. You need to understand who your buyer is: what their habits are, what they're struggling with, what is available on the market. Understanding the buyer is vital: Only 22% of B2B executive buyers feel that salespeople truly understand their business issues.

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