Marketers have traditionally embraced new technology, finding ways to apply it in creative ways. Though artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest example of innovative technology, it is fundamentally different in that its potential effect on the overall marketing function is transformative. It's on par with the arrival of the Internet decades ago.

AI shows great promise, and marketers are still learning how to use it effectively and integrate it with, or use it to complement, the processes they're already using.

A similar trial-and-error effort took place during the early days of the Web, when companies were experimenting with how to use it as its capabilities evolved. AI will likely significantly re-shape parts of the marketing function as it evolves and as organizations find new ways to apply it.

With AI, marketers will better reach and engage audiences, enabling them to do things they couldn't do before. Moreover, they'll be able to automate tasks that take humans a long time to do or which require skills or knowledge that not many people possess.

The most exciting opportunity for marketers using AI is that it can transform the ever-increasing avalanche of data into actionable knowledge. In doing so, it can achieve better personalization and relevance for marketers' ongoing activities—at scale.

The State of Email Marketing

Sending emails has long been an essential part of digital marketing because of its direct marketing approach and relatively low cost. And, more and more, the email marketing function has got-ten more sophisticated and data-driven.

Unfortunately, the large amount of collected data has made it nearly impossible for marketers to go beyond the surface when analyzing information and making decisions. Teams don't have the skills in-house, nor do they have enough time, to thoroughly analyze and understand the data. In other words, marketers have become bottlenecks in the process.

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Eric Wanta is CMO at Zive, maker of Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite, which takes Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides out of the browser and helps companies improve G Suite rollouts and user adoption.

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