Odds are, we don't need to convince you to get on board with email marketing: A whopping 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content, according to HubSpot. And it's no wonder: HubSpot also found that email marketing generates an average of $38 for $1 spent, which makes for an unmatched ROI.

That said, ROIs that high are accessible only to marketers who really get the most out of their email marketing platforms and email marketing strategy. And if your strategy consists of just sending newsletters—no matter how frequently—you're probably not seeing such astronomical returns.

What Else Email Is Good For

Getting the most bang for your email marketing buck requires a little creativity. So think outside the newsletter, and try out these 14 email marketing tactics:

1. Remarketing. If and when a potential customer visits your site and drops off before converting, you can use email marketing to remarket to them. Remarketing is the act of marketing to the same prospect multiple times. Send these would-be customers a strategic email to follow up on their visit. Getting onto their screen with a smart email will remind them of your brand and likely get them back onto your site, perhaps at a time that's more convenient for them to convert.

2. Cart abandonment. Another, more specific form of remarketing is the cart-abandonment follow-up. Email marketing is an extremely useful way to contact customers who were one click away from converting. Follow up with customers who abandoned their cart at the last moment, and remind them why they had filled their cart in the first place.

3. Surveys. Sending surveys through your email marketing platform is a means to multiple ends. Of course, you'll gain valuable feedback from customers and potential customers. You'll also get your business in front of the eyes of key demographics—and do so in a way that signals your brand cares about what they want and need.

4. Event invites. Throw a party! Whether it's for a new location, a business anniversary, a holiday, or a new product launch, hosting an event is a valuable way to engage customers. Look to your subscribers list for a probable guest list of engaged customers, and send them an evite.

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