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The results are in: SiriusDecisions recently released the State of Account Based Revenue Engine 2019 report—and, once again, ABM is coming in hot!

According to the findings, those companies that are measuring ABM are achieving 99% better engagement with ABM accounts, 80% improved win rates, 73% higher deal sizes, and 91% improved ROI.

Convinced yet that ABM is the real deal?


Chances are, if you're not already doing ABM, you're likely thinking about where you should start.

Unfortunately, that's not something that can easily be answered in an article. (In fact, it took us an entire book to begin explaining the process: The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing, 2nd Edition.) But I wanted to at least outline how we at Engagio tier accounts as well as share some real examples of what an ABM campaign looks like for each tier.

Taking a Three-Tiered Approach for ABM Targeting at Scale

It's common for companies to pilot ABM with a senior marketer and a handful of strategic accounts to prove the concept of ABM to the company. But when asked to scale the program to 50 or 100 accounts or more, not surprisingly they don't achieve similarly good results.

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Jon Miller is the CEO and a co-founder of Engagio, a leading platform for account-based marketing automation. Before that was a co-founder at Marketo. He is a speaker and the author of multiple marketing books, including the Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing.

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