Creativity can be highly useful in marketing, but it won't get you very far if your message strategy is off the mark. In fact, it's a waste of talent.

Your message strategy is the foundation for everything you do in marketing. And when your message strategy is consistently and repetitively executed, creativity is the icing on the cake.

Think of your message strategy as the recipe for how to write and talk about your product. Your copywriters follow the recipe, mix ingredients from the message strategy, add their creativity, and you end up with a great story about your product.

A message strategy includes a positioning statement, three or four support points, and as much detail as necessary to accommodate all marketing communications.

Positioning Statement Defined

A positioning statement is a short, declarative sentence that makes it clear what you do and why the target audience should care enough to want to know more. Here are a few positioning statement examples:

  • Automated Business Design has created the only staffing and recruiting software you'll ever need.
  • Stowga is the ultimate tool to instantly find the best warehouse for your business.
  • Vendavo's CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Solutions maximizes profit with every quote.
  • Eckerson Group helps you get more business value from data and analytics through strategic consulting, thought leadership, and education.

Creativity can make a solid positioning statement come to life. For example, a financial analytics consulting company positioned its solutions as "accelerating decision-making throughout the enterprise." The position was executed in marketing communications as "see how fast your business can run."

Support Points Explain Your Positioning Statement

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Lawson Abinanti is the founder of Messages That Matter. For 15+ years he has helped mid-market and enterprise software companies stand out with messages that matter to B2B buyers.

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