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In any marketing department, there's a good chance a writer is responsible for at least a portion of the team's success.

Content drives everything these days, and this industry is rife with resources and solutions designed to connect marketers with the writing talent they need to keep up with the demands of their marketing campaigns.

You may rely on a small group of freelancers because you love their writing voices, but managing a team of independent creatives, each with his or her rates, response times, and bandwidths, can be tricky.

Or maybe may work with a full-service agency you trust, but the writer assigned to your account struggles with the material.

Or outsourcing altogether has seemed like an impossible proposition and you rely on your internal subject-matter experts to drive your content—when they have the time.

One option many marketing departments overlook is the single, dedicated writing resource. Whether that's one writer who works in-house or a small team of writers whose entire focus is developing effective content for brands like yours, this option can seem too risky (what if they quit?) or too expensive to make sense.

In reality, if managed properly, a more targeted approach to securing writing talent can result in some of the best content a marketer could hope for.

Here's why having a single writer—or small, connected team of writers—can be ideal, and how you can mitigate the risk of your content machine's crashing if that one resource leaves.

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image of Ryan Brock

Ryan Brock is the founder and CEO of Metonymy Media, an agency of creative writers that helps businesses and organizations grow by creating consistent, accurate, and compelling content. Ryan is a co-author of Nothing New: An Irreverent History of Storytelling and Social Media.

Twitter: @ryanbrock