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At a time when consumers are searching for value in every purchase, Amazon, Google and Bing, Expedia and Kayak, and Scottrade took highest honors in 2009, among online providers, for successfully engaging consumers and creating loyal customers in their respective categories, according to the 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI).

Below, the 28 brands among four Online Provider categories:

The current Index examines customers' relationships with 518 brands in 71 categories.

Among the winners were Apple in the Computer (laptop) as well as the Smartphone category, New York Life in the Insurance category, and Accenture in the IT Solutions Provider category.

Increasing Importance of the Brand

Attributes relating to the brand––the degree to which brands affect customer decision-making, expectations, and engagement––have all increased significantly among the 28 online brands, according to Brand Key's CLEI, which uses "predictive loyalty metrics" gleaned from consumer data.

"Given the levels of commoditization we've witnessed in the past decade, it's no surprise that consumers are looking for brands to make a difference," said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president. "The consumer value equation has shifted dramatically from price-value to value-for-dollar."

See the complete listing of the 71 category rankings.

About the data:
The Brand Keys 2010 survey polled 33,500 US consumers (age 18-65) across self-selected categories in which they are consumers. Respondents were interviewed by phone, face-to-face, or online.

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