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Most online Americans (90%) say they worry about online privacy at least sometimes, and 88% say they avoid doing business with companies that do not protect their online privacy, according to a survey from the TRUSTe Privacy Index Series.

Moreover, 95% of online adults say companies have a responsibility to protect their privacy online.

Below, additional findings from the first Consumer Confidence Edition (1Q12) of its ongoing TRUSTe Privacy Index Series.

Among online adults surveyed, 23% say they always worry about their digital privacy, 21% worry frequently, 46% worry sometimes, and only 10% of adults say they never worry about online privacy.

Among those who always or frequently worry, residents of southern States, and those age 45-54 are over represented.

Many companies take online privacy seriously, and appear to be rewarded: 59% of online adults trust most businesses with their personal information online, somewhat (50%) or fully (9%).

Even so, 41% of online adults say they don't trust most businesses with their personal information online.

When companies ignore consumers' privacy concerns, consumers go elsewhere: 53% strongly agree and 35% somewhat agree they avoid doing business with companies that fail to protect their online privacy. 

Older adults (age 55+) are more likely than younger adults (age 18-34) to avoid companies that ignore privacy issues (93% vs. 82%).

About the data: Findings are based on a survey of 2,415 online US adults conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of TRUSTe in January 2012.

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