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In a move to shove Yahoo off its display-ad perch, Google last Thursday launched its DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which the company promised would streamline and improve how display ads are targeted at and delivered to a desired audience, according to CNNMoney's David Goldman.

Although Google's search-ad marketshare outsizes Yahoo's, Yahoo has been the clear leader in display ads, whereas Google has made its money in text ads. With that business slowing down, Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt has mentioned several times that display ads are one of the company's best options for growth, report Miguel Helft and Stephanie Clifford at The New York Times. The new ad exchange is the foundation of Google's new display ad strategy and a major reason that Google purchased DoubleClick last years for $3.1 billion, they write.

Google's aim with its new service is to lure more advertisers into the display market by offering better matches with publishers that have available inventory, explains Tom Krazit of CNET.

Of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google wrote in its official blog on Thursday: "We believe that a better system built on better technology can help grow the display advertising pie and benefit everyone." 

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