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Airline travel of late has become decidedly less of a joy. Planes are crowded and passengers are nickel-and-dimed at nearly every opportunity—for bottles of water, blankets, checked baggage, and so on. Which makes for a perfect opportunity for an outfit like Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is flying a different course from other airlines, especially since it doesn't tap into your wallet with additional costs. What's caused more buzz than the policy itself, though, is the way the airline has promoted it.

The airline takes... uh, transparency in marketing to a new level in a recent ad.

It uses actual employees in the advertising spots that proclaim the airline has "nothing to hide." Employees play the lead roles, including acting baggage handler and real-life CEO of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe. More than 90 employees appear in the ad—8 of them in body paint.

Take a look at the risqué but very authentic video for yourself:

And here's a look behind the scenes:

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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