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Marketing has been around as long as people have been. In fact, author Dan Pink has called people's ability to sell a "fundamental human quality" (head over to the Marketing Smarts podcast to hear what else he had to say).

But how people market has evolved throughout the decades.

To illustrate technological advancements that have changed the course of marketing, Marketo put together an infographic based on its The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.

Modern marketing has been around since the early 20th century, according to Marketo. As the human population grew and the age of industrialization kicked in, the amount of goods became greater than the number of available customers, sparking fierce competition. Businesses began to promote the superiority of their products and services over that of their competitors'. Thus, "modern marketing was born."

In time, with the emergence of new technology, marketing had to adapt. First, radio shook up how companies did their marketing. Then television made a huge impact. Then the Internet revolutionized not only how people did business but also how they live.

The following infographic provides details about those changes and how they in turn forever changed marketing:

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