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Are your omni-channel initiatives naughty or nice this holiday season?

Customers expect a seamless experience across channels, but 83% of retail executives do not feel prepared to deliver omni-channel initiatives, according to the following infographic by QuickPivot.

Take the quiz in the infographic to find out whether you're unprepared or set up for omni-channel success. You receive one point per checkmark in the Omni-Nice column. For example, if you update your data every 30-60 days or more frequently, you get a point.

Add up the points to find out just how ready you are.

You don't receive any points for checkmarks in the Omni-Naughty list. (But you can use the checkmarks in this column to understand which areas need improvement.)

To find out more about omni-channel marketing, check out the infographic:

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