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After 21 years on the Late Show stage, host David Letterman has announced his retirement, leaving behind years of laughter, a comedic legacy, and a valuable lesson for email marketers: When searching for success, have a killer opening act with a star subject line.

Just as Letterman's producers and writers work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure his opening act is a hit in front of the audience, marketers should take a similar course of action when creating star subject lines.

View an email campaign as you would the Late Show: The subject line is the opening act; it sets the stage for the entire show.

To ensure that your audience is hooked from the beginning, marketers should invest the appropriate time and resources into creating a powerful and compelling subject line.

Otherwise, your campaign runs the risk of flopping right into the spam folder.

Campaigner's customer support team offers three tips to channel your inner Letterman and set the stage for your email campaign with an attention-grabbing subject line:

  1. Read Me! Now! Customers get tons of email every day, so you want your subject line to entice them to open your message.
  2. Timely tactics. Don't be afraid to insert your brand into trending topics.
  3. Taylor Swift vs. Kanye: Put them to the Test. Are your contacts on the T. Swift or the Kanye side of that pop-culture battle? Don't just guess, test to find out.

Click or tap on the infographic for more email marketing lessons from Letterman:

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Seamas Egan is manager of revenue operations at email software and services provider Campaigner.

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