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Technology has transformed how brands reach out to today's consumers. Some brands, however, are still stuck in the old ways of marketing. Is yours?

"To successfully brand in the 21st century, companies have to create a two-sided conversation with consumers rather than a one-way 'push' through the funnel," states the following DirectBuy infographic.

Consumers at the beginning of the customer journey don't want information pushed at them; they want to access the wanted information themselves.

"Online, word-of-mouth, and in-store interactions all play a role in this phase," says DirectBuy.

Brands also need to communicate with customers in the purchasing stage. "In-store messaging, packaging, and the sales experience can sway a decision at the last moment," states DirectBuy.

To get the detail of how modern consumers buy and how you can update your company to best reach your target customers, click or tap on the infographic:

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