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Congratulations, you have new subscribers. Now make the most of the opportunity by sending a welcome email to them.

Add the word sale to your subject line and increase open rates: "'Sale' has been known to increase open rates by 23.2%," states Easy SMPT in the following infographic.

Other engaging words to use in the subject line are news, bulletin, and video. Skip the words report and webinar, among others.

Now, focus on your email copy. "Writing persuasive copy that avoids the spam folder can be tricky, especially when trying to generate click-throughs to your website," states Easy SMPT.

To find out more about creating compelling welcome emails, tap or click on infographic.

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Veronica Jarski is managing editor at Agorapulse and a former editor and senior writer at MarketingProfs.

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

LinkedIn: Veronica Jarski