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Companies that study their past deals have a 3-X higher win rate than companies that don't. Here's how looking at past sales can help your winning future deals.

Win/loss analysis uncovers how decisions are made, what buyers care about, where you stand out (and where you blend in), and what caused the final decision, according to the following Primary Intelligence infographic.

"Win loss programs act as a directional compass for every department in the enterprise, clearly identifying what to work on to improve competitive advantage and drive in rates up," the infographic quotes Ken Allred, CEO of Primary Intelligence, as having said.

To succeed at win/loss analysis, find the right buyers to talk to, get an "on the field ruling" with the buyer, review with the sales team, and take action.

For details regarding the above steps and more information about the power of win/loss analysis, tap or click on the following infographic.

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