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A total of 81% of marketers believe customer experience is a better way to build brand performance than communications. However, only 52% of those marketers believe the brand experience they deliver to their customers is industry leading, according to an infographic based on a Brand Experience research report from Brandworkz and CIM.

The study was conducted among 2,200 marketing leaders working within international organizations globally. The research set out to explore the challenges, opportunities, and leading practices for aligning brand promise and customer experience.

The findings reveal that many organizations are not structured around the delivery of the brand promise. When questioned about internal brand culture and customer-facing brand values, only 53% of respondents claim internal-external brand alignment in their workplace. And only 37% believe all employees understand how they can deliver the brand promise to the customer.

To succeed, customer experience must be made every employee's responsibility. Three quarters of marketers believe that their employees care about what customers think about their company. However, only 17% of companies enable all employees to suggest ways to improve customer experience.

To find out more about improving brand experience, click or tap on the infographic.

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image of Jens Lundgaard

Jens Lundgaard is founder and chief executive officer of Brandworkz, a UK-based provider of brand management software and project implementation consultancy.