What do the Statue of Liberty, Ancient Egypt's pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and other iconic historical structures have in common?

For one, they are built on a solid foundation, helping them to stand the test of time.

That concept sets the stage for the theme of the tenth annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum: Build to Last.

So MarketingProfs partnered with TopRank Marketing to gather insights on that theme from 11 of the smartest B2B marketing architects around, and we then created an e-book, How to Build Your B2B Marketing Empire From the Ground Up:

How to Build Your B2B Marketing Empire From the Ground Up from MarketingProfs

Those 11 experts focused on three pillars of "building to last":

  1. Build your marketing strategy: No flash-in-the-pan tactics here... We're talking cohesive strategies that set your brand up for success over the long haul.
  2. Build your career: Equip yourself with the skills that can help you reach your aspirations—to impress your boss, become CMO, or become a better CMO.
  3. Build your squad: Surrounding yourself with awesome people—your fellow employees, your network, or a community around your brand—simply makes you more awesome.

Here are some of their shareable takeaways:

Michael Brenner: "Effective marketing programs focus on helping customers first." Tweet this.

Andy Crestodina: "Decide what success looks like in Google Analytics and track that goal specifically." Tweet this.

Doug Kessler: "Your B2B Marketing 'rebar' is a clear, compelling sense of who you are and the unique things you bring to the table." Tweet this.

Chris Moody: "If your marketing strategy isn't on paper (or digital), it isn't happening." Tweet this.

Jay Acunzo: "A willingness to break from 'best practices' and go craft on your own is an essential part of building a B2B marketing strategy." Tweet this.

Scott Monty: "Without a doubt, one of the most important qualities for anyone in the marketing field is curiosity." Tweet this.

Lee Odden: "A successful career in B2B marketing requires: understanding what you want to achieve, honest assessment of your skills, and a map for closing the gap." Tweet this.

Mitch Joel: "Find team members who can make fast decisions, but take the time to nurture the right results." Tweet this.

Jason Miller: "Take a cue from KISS: Four unique team members sitting together, synced up beautifully to deliver a marketing experience." Tweet this.

Jen Slaski: "Hire people who are naturally passionate, but instill the importance of asking, 'What's our goal?'" Tweet this.

Ann Handley: "Build teams that try to understand what it's really like in your customer's world." Tweet this.

More than 50 speakers will be sharing their own insights at the B2B Marketing Forum, and hundreds of your fellow marketers will be learning from them. Join us in Boston! Early-bird pricing ends August 31, so get your pass now for the tenth annual B2B Marketing Forum, October 18-21.

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Rob Zaleski is a marketing manager for MarketingProfs.

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