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As marketers, we are constantly testing: button colors, calls to action, timing of messages, and countless other elements of our campaigns.

We may discover what works, but we might not know why a certain campaign does well or a certain test beats all the others.

Enter:today's infographic, created by Connext Digital, which explains nine tricks of psychology that have been known to get consumers to convert:

  1. The isolation effect: Highlight a single element in a group, such as making your CTA more distinct.
  2. The anchoring effect: Influence a desired behavior by presenting options in context, such as showing a higher price before, then offering a lower one.
  3. Social proof: Feature validation from other purchases, which you can do via testimonials or influencers, for example. 
  4. Loss aversion: Show what will be lost if a purchase is not made by using a countdown clock or other urgency-driving device.
  5. Instant gratification: Minimize steps needed to purchase, offer quickly consumed content, or provide other immediate satisfaction.
  6. Reciprocity: Get something from a customer (such as an email address) in return for something (such as an e-book).
  7. Grounded cognition: Show experiences that are relatable, such as offering very tailored content, to get people to connect with it more.
  8. The primary effect: Arrange information based on a hierarchy to help people recall the most important parts.
  9. Commitment and consistency: Start with a small commitment from a customer and then build up to bigger ones.

Check out the infographic for more examples of how you can put each tactic to use./p>

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Laura Forer is a freelance writer, email and content strategist, and crossword puzzle enthusiast. She's an assistant editor at MarketingProfs, where she manages infographic submissions, among other things.

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