Marketing automation aims to help Marketing and Sales coordinate and streamline time-consuming tasks. No wonder 75% of marketers say they use at least one type of marketing automation tool, according to Social Media Today's "The State of Marketing Automation" study.

Marketing automation tools help marketers with a growing number of tasks—from scheduling social media posts to email marketing, text messaging, employing chatbots, and much more.

And now, with the insertion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) into the automation process, not only rote tasks but also more complex ones that, until now, required immediate human discernment and judgment—such as analysis, customization, and personalization—can be automated.

Two infographics from UK-based Market Inspector—provider of a service that allows businesses to compare quotes and offers from a range of suppliers—summarize the usage and benefits of automation and lay out how AI can boost B2B marketing automation.

See how AI can level-up your marketing automation efforts. Check out the infographics.

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