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Online, it can take numerous impressions to make the equivalent of a first impression in the physical world, which is why online marketers have been so taken by remarketing and retargeting.

Retargeting is marketers' second chance (and third and fourth and fifth...) to make that all-important "first" impression.

What is retargeting? When potential customers interact with your website, you give their computer a cookie, allowing you to then retarget that same user with ads—in other appropriate places online.

And, not surprisingly, doing that is much better than just running what are relatively untargeted display ads. On average the clickthrough rate for a retargeted ad is 10X that of a display ad: 0.7% vs. 0.07%.

Still need convincing—or need to convince the powers that be—to consider instituting a retargeting program? The data in the following infographic can help you make the case.

Compiled by digitalmarketingjobs into a single infographic, these 50+ stats and facts make a compelling argument for retargeting. Check it out yourself:

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