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Amazingly, members of five generations work together as colleagues in today's workplaces.

And if the Silent Generation is conservative and disciplined, Boomers are time-stressed and materialistic, Gen X is skeptical and self-reliant, Millennials are socially conscious yet cynical and narcissistic, and Gen Z is progressive and impulsive... how well do they work together?

Or are those stereotypes just all wrong? And if they're not, how do they translate to behaviors in workplaces?

For example, are older workers more committed to their jobs than younger ones?

Of course, there are grains of potential truths in many stereotypes; in the case of generational stereotypes, however, some are less true than others—and, in the case of workplace stereotypes, age is not the most important indicator of behavior.

At least that's the conclusion of analysis highlighted in an infographic by Fundera, a financial resource for small businesses. Check it out the infographic for more information:

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