Manage Anywhere: A Toolkit for Running Distributed Teams

Managing any team is challenging. But managing a team of people working in-office, hybrid, and remotely? That's a whole new level of complexity.

Are you struggling to successfully manage a team of people working in a variety of roles across time zones, while keeping them connected and aligned from the smallest details to the "big picture?"

The Manage Anywhere toolkit can help. Build the foundation you need to keep your team engaged and on-track, and discover how you can simplify your team's workflow and keep them connected from wherever and whenever they work.

Download the free toolkit today, and you'll receive:

  • The Distributed Team Blueprint E-book, on best practices for creating and nurturing connection, collaboration, and visibility among team members, including real-world examples that'll inspire your own unique blueprint.
  • The Managing a Team Remotely Webinar, where you'll discover how to create a strong team hub where you and your team can manage workloads, build meeting decks, and track progress.
  • The Remote Team Hub Template to help you get started building your own team hub! Customize it or use it as-is—it's designed to simplify team workflows no matter which route you go.
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  • Release Date: February 28, 2022
  • Sponsor: Airtable
  • Topic: Marketing Management
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