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Topic: Strategy

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Go-to-market Strategy Vs. Marketing Strategy

Posted by JESmith on 250 Points
I see these terms used both independently and interchangeably...

What's the difference (if any) between a go-to-market strategy and a marketing strategy. I'm interested in the answer to this question mostly in the context of a high-tech/B2B business environment.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Go-to-market refers to plans made to launch a new product, while marketing strategy can apply to any ongoing marketing activities.

    There is a lot of similarity in the two, but the go-to-market strategy is specifically tailored around a product launch, and has additional components due to the need to have a strong feedback loop with the product development team. Once the product is successfully launched the original strategy morphs into a marketing strategy and very possibly integrates with the overall strategy across products.

    At least that's my take on the difference. However, others may not agree.
  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    The Marketing Strategy is the process of identifying customer needs, competitors, company core competencies, position statements, product/service definition, marketing plans, and so forth. The Go-to-market strategy is those start-up activities for getting the product out in the marketplace and includes pricing strategies, customer penetration plans, PR, sales training, beta site testing, and so forth.

    I hope this helps.

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday DC - yes lot's of cross over.

    Go to market should be specific actions related to a specific part of the overall marketing campaign. So a 'media launch to local press' would be part of the go to market'. But 'expand awareness via media outlets' would fall under the Marketing Strategy which should be a bigger picture scheme of what is happening
  • Posted by MANSING on Accepted
    Hello Dcmarketingguy,

    • Let’s start with the definition: Go-to-market strategy encompasses the channels that a company uses to connect with its customers/business (high tech or low tech) and the organizational processes it develops (high tech product development) to guide customer interactions from initial contact through fulfilment.

    The right go-to-market strategy (for high tech products) has a significant impact on a company’s ability to cost-effectively deliver its value proposition to each of its target segments. If you want to find more on this you can get more books by using this link:

    • And as per as marketing strategy (for high tech product) is concern “It is a business’ approach to marketing its high tech products/ services expresses in broad terms, which forms the basis for developing a marketing plan.” You can develop steps for your high tech companies marketing strategy by following way:

    1. Describe your company's unique selling proposition
    2. Define your target market.
    3. Write down the benefits of your products or services.
    4. Describe how you will position your products or services.
    5. Define your marketing methods. Will you advertise, use Internet marketing, direct marketing, or public relations?
    I hope this will help!


    M Bhor





  • Posted by DWomack on Accepted
    Hi dcmarketingguy. Good question, and I think you've gotten some thoughtful responses thus far. I often see these terms used interchangeably, but I think they should be viewed differently.

    At the risk of oversimplifying this, I would argue Marketing Strategy involves WHO you will go after and WHAT you will offer them. Go-to-market Strategy is a component of the overall Marketing Strategy and is concerned with HOW you will make it happen.

    Hope that helps. Good luck,


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