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Go To Market For Two Divisions

Posted by wendys on 500 Points
I’ve just been tasked with presenting info that addresses the following. How would you approach this?

“How we're going to market ourselves with 2 divisions with sub-products underneath across our website, digital media / marketing assets, campaigns, etc.

Also would like to understand the lead gen process today, metrics that we're tracking / marketing efforts that we're running, and what our strategies are going forward”
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    If I were in your shoes, I'd start by getting the answers to these questions:
    What's the context of this ask? Has there been a management shift, acquisition, or joint venture initiated?
    What is your role at this company? Who has been doing these tasks previously?
    What actions are they currently taking? Why?
    What are their KPIs? Why would they want/need to change it?
    What's the time frame?
    What resources are available?
    How is the target market different for the two divisions?
    How would they evaluate your suggested campaign?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Unfortunately, Wendys, you do not identify your product ranges, which makes the task of recommending solutions to your difficulty harder. What specifically are you asking customers or clients to buy?

    Do the two divisions of your organisation operate completely independently from each other with separate budgets? If so, how are products from each division marketed now, or is this a brand-new situation that is only now being addressed operationally?

    Are the product ranges for each division identifiably different, or is there some overlap between them?

    What is the underlying corporate strategy that has concluded that marketing should be implemented through two divisions? That seems a fundamental consideration we should know about given your statement that “How we're going to market ourselves with 2 divisions with sub-products underneath across our website, digital media / marketing assets, campaigns, etc”.

    What are the price comparisons for the products in each Division? Because price is always such a sensitive issue for both sellers and buyers, it would be helpful if some advice could be made available in that regard.

    Last question for the moment, are you selling B2B or B2C or both?
  • Posted by wendys on Author
    Understood…here are some additional details.

    Products for both divisions is software. One division focused on manufacturing, the other on food processing & distribution. This is a new situation.

    The products for each division are essentially different although there are a few products that may work for each division.

    The underlying impetus for the divisions is for evaluating parts of the company which could be resold, depending on their success.

    Pricing is similar across the products. Lastly, we’re selling B2B.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    What BENEFIT can customers expect for each division if/when they buy your solutions? At first blush it seems that the benefit for one division is probably different from that of the other division. If that is so, then the marketing should probably be separate so you can focus specifically on each market.

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