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Topic: Strategy

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Concept Awareness Creation Startegy

Posted by Anonymous on 200 Points
My sub-brand is Emergency roadside assistance a comprehensive package of mechanical &electrical tieups, cabs, ambulance, winch and towing and acciddent co-ordination - a concept new to India, launched recently in southern state. Inspite of mass media advertsisng, concept has not picked. do not have a heavy budget anymore- what should be the communication route

  • Posted by pkbalyan on Member
    Check out the following low cost touch points with your prospects

    1) Traffic signal kiosks
    2) Mechanics & Service joints
    3) offer the car dealers this as a value add for new car buyers. dealers are lookin for freebies for the new buyer.

    personally i would not keep it totally free, a small registration fee/system will yeild more serious response.

    if u r in for some complicated things check out the accident insurance guys for a tie up.
  • Posted by Nicolas on Accepted
    Have you tried setting up strategic alliances with insurance companies? Not sure how it works in India but here in Switzerland there is a very successful company called TCS which offers similar services (though only for private / company cars). Each time you buy a car or receive your car insurance paper you get their promotional material (an easy sign-in form). They offer technical assistance on-site 24h a day every day of the week. Of course you need to pay a small fee to be a member. And it works.

    You could apply the same by actually having alliances with service companies your end-customers already use (or have to use): health insurance, car insurance, and as stated above mechanics and car dealers.

    Try also offering your package service to major companies in your area. A type of bonus insurance service that they would then offer to their employees (look for companies having lots of sales people on the road or which have a fleet of trucks / cars).

    Also, try to tie-in with government agencies according to the safety policies they want to enforce (traffic safety, etc.). Could you be an advisor, help to prepare brochures, take part in seminars regarding such issues: traffic safety, first-aid measures, how to act in case of accident, etc.? Rather than presenting yourself only as acting in case of a problem / accident (which is a negative image - and most of us believe it always happens to others), you could position your company as helping prevent such situations AND handling difficulties when necessary.

    Hope this helps,


  • Posted on Accepted
    How about painting a van with your logo and messages, equiping it with some minor emergency items (jumper cables, gasoline, a jack, etc.), then get a person moderately knowledgeable in car mechanics to just drive it around the busiest parts of town to help people with minor roadside problems - for free! Of course you'll want to equip your messenger with a digital video camera and have them video the person in need praising your generous assistance. Over the top thought - identify your person as some sort of road helper super hero.

    There are LOTS of ways you could "play this" to get free and very effective publicity. Starting at the low end with having the people you help put a bumper sticker on their vehicle saying something like, "I was saved by xxxxx". If you did this right, I'll bet you would get GREAT media coverage, which could possibly extend well beyond your immediate geography.
  • Posted on Member
    How much PR have you done for the company? Perhaps contacting some writers in your area to help write a story about safety or something more compelling would help you get on your way.
  • Posted by jcmedinave on Accepted

    1. Be near the auto dealers and maybe plan an alliance with them.
    2. Be near the Financial institutions, specially those that are focus in automobiles.
    3. Develop a cobranded credit card.
    4. Develop security campaigns in the city with the local government.
    5. Be in the tolls and promote your services.


    Juan Carlos
  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Roopapraven I'm wondering about how much cash you have left to support the business.

    If you can carry it a bit further then my suggestion would be to 'just turn up' at places where your service would be of assistance and offer it for free.

    Do it at every opportunity you can for a month or so. Make sure every person who experiences your service understand that this is a one off, that they are really lucky and that if they want to know more about the service to call you or to sign up for it.

    Make the free service obligation free and just give them a card or some materials.

    Your word of mouth will kick in pretty quick.

    I know a hairdresser who started their own business by doing free haircuts in hospitals for long term patients. He'd go and wash and cut the hair for nothing, no questions asked. he's now one of the richest and most successfull cutters in Oz

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